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The Whisky Dream Team

Whisky Loot may just be the dream team you’ve always wanted. We’re here to unite you and the rare drams that aren’t available in your local liquor store. Whisky Loot provides a monthly subscription of whisky samples delivered straight to your door. Our purpose? To match you up with your perfect dram.


We know there is a huge culture associated with Whisky. Along with the huge culture comes a conversation which unfortunately for some, does not come so freely. We’re here to help you ‘up your whisky game.' We want to inspire the whisky lovers around the world and bring an informed conversation to the whisky world.

We’ve got your back

We’ve all regrettably spent too much money on a bottle of whisky only to open it up, taste it and wish you had never listened to your friends advice. Not only are we playing match-maker in all whisky relationships, but we are also providing you the opportunity to learn, critique and record your thoughts on the unique sampled drams, so you never spend a cent on a dram that you don’t like.