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Top 10 Australian Whiskies

Top 10 Australian Whiskies

04 Feb , 2019

Top 10 Australian Whiskies You Need to Try

The powers-that-be are sitting up and taking note of Australian whiskies. In 2014, Sullivans Cove Distillery won the World Whiskies Award for the best single malt whisky and they aren’t the only ones collecting accolades. As of 2017, there are more than 120 distilleries in Australia. Isn’t it time you tried some of Australia’s finest whiskies?

Archie Rose White Rye

Sydney’s Archie Rose Distillery took top honours with their White Rye whisky in the Best Unaged Rye Whisky Category at the American Whiskey Masters. The unusual flavour profile likely originates with the malted rye at the heart of this whisky. Try it and let us know what you think.

Bakery Hill Double Wood

Bakery Hill in Victoria keeps winning prizes with their single malt whisky. Double Wood is an exceptional whisky finished in premium French oak barrels. Talk about taking a good thing (Bakery Hill Classic) and making it even better.

Starward Wine Cask

Double Gold winner at the World Whiskies Awards in 2017, this is a uniquely Australian single malt whisky. Aged in Australian red wine casks, this offering from Starward Distillery has a gorgeous red ochre colour and a super blend of sweet and savoury on the palate.

Sullivans Cove French Oak

Sullivans Cove is a Tasmanian distillery that’s taking the world of whisky by storm. Winner of the Best Single Malt Whisky in the World at the 2014 World Whiskies Awards, this hand-crafted whisky is double-distilled in carefully selected French oak casks. So. Good. 

Limeburners Port Cask Single Malt

After five years maturing in a bourbon cask, Limeburners single malt moves into port casks to be finished. The result is a tasty lemon and fruit-infused flavour and an exceptional rose wine colour. The first Western Australian distillery to make a legal bottle of single malt whisky, The Great Southern Distilling Company was named Champion Australian Distiller at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards in 2016.


Excellent Australian grain and a passion for Kentucky bourbon come together in this grain whisky from Whipper Snapper Distillery. How this whisky came to be in the first place is a great story that begins during WWII and features two bomber pilots and their shared love of whisky. It was a long journey over many years before this was publicly available, but at last, other whisky aficionados in Australia can share the passion when they sip a dram of Whipper Snapper’s Upshot.

The Big Black Cock Single Malt

There’s no question, Mt. Uncle Distillery offers some truly unique flavours. With a passion for Australian ingredients, Mt. Uncle is the first and only distillery in Northern Queensland. A rough and ready outback special, BBC single malt is worth hunting down and checking out.

The Small Concern Distillery/Cradle Mountain Single Malt Whisky

Offering Australia’s oldest whisky, The Small Concern Distillery (now known as Cradle Mountain Whisky) produced Cradle Mountain Single Malt Whisky, which had a great reception. Aged for 17 years, it’s hard to find but worth the effort. Michael Jackson was a fan who noted the soft body and smooth, clean-tasting palate which, he speculated, was due at least in part to the quality of the local water. Try it yourself and see if you agree with MJ.

Timboon Distillery Port Expression

The Timboon Railway Shed Distillery makes a lovely Tasmanian single malt whisky. Inspired by the great single malts of Scotland, Timboon Railway Shed Distillery uses only malted barley and is hand-crafted in small batches. Light and smooth, this is a great all-occasion whisky with a medium long finish. Enjoy!

Overeem Port Cask Matured

Aged in French 100-litre oak cask barrels for five years, this single malt whisky features rich aromatics with chocolate, caramel and butterscotch all making appearances. Delicate spice and sweet malt blend smoothly before treating you to a long, vanilla bean-laced finish. A real treat from the Overeem Distillery, this is another example of why you need to pay attention to boutique distilleries! In 2012 this port cask received the highest scores from the Malt Whisky Society of Australia. The overall winner of the Australian section at the World of Whisky Festival in Sydney in the same year, Overeem’s Sherry cask offering took second place.


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