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Whiskey, Bourbon & Scotch Gifts for Groomsmen

Whiskey, Bourbon & Scotch Gifts for Groomsmen

28 Mar , 2019

Wedding planned, done, wedding party, tick, but groomsmen gifts firing blanks?

So your wedding day is coming up quickly -- congratulations to you and your other half! Your wedding is a celebration of the strong, loving bond between the two of you, but don’t forget to honour the many others who have joined in to make your special day truly unforgettable.

For the groom, the groomsmen are the dependable friends who have stood beside you not only at your wedding but throughout your life. Forget wine daggy wine hampers, bottle openers, or hip flasks - get them a truly great gift.

Consider showing your sincere thanks through a monthly Whisky Loot subscription! Wondering what a Whisky Loot subscription has to offer your loyal groomsmen? Read on to learn more.

Why is Whisky Loot a Cool Groomsmen Gift

For many of us, alcohol play an important part in our shared experiences with those who are closest to us. Wine tastings, craft brewery tours, and distillery tastings are popular social events that create lasting memories for all involved (as long as moderation is practised, of course!)

Whisky Loot brings these experiences into your own homes, sending groomsmen a rich variety of spirits they wouldn’t be able to find in the liquor store down the block, and something to sneak into their hip flask.

How Does Whisky Loot Work?

Whisky Loot subscription boxes start at just $59. In each box, you’ll receive three bottles of whisky containing two shots each. These high-quality drams hail from all over the world and would set you back over $100 to purchase at the bar. Our experts strive to curate a “whisky adventure” that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home at a great price, without the risk of buying a full bottle they may not like.

How Are the Whiskies Chosen?

The experts at Whisky Loot know their stuff. They curate only the finest and most interesting whiskies for inclusion in our boxes. Prior to each shipment, subscribers can choose from four different categories of whisky: The American Box, The Traditionalist Box, The Adventurer Box, and The Firebreather Box. Each box also comes with tasting notes from our experts and a tasting journal to log your own observations and opinions.

How Often Do Subscribers Receive Whisky Loot Boxes?

Our subscription boxes ship on the 22nd of each month and should arrive at the subscriber’s home within 5-7 business days. Although boxes are mailed on a monthly basis, subscribers may pause their subscriptions at any time in advance of their next shipment date. For the more occasional whisky drinker, we also offer an option for quarterly shipments.

Where Can Whisky Loot Boxes Be Shipped?

Whisky Loot boxes are currently only available in Australia, but we are excited to share our whisky adventures around the world. If you live outside of Australia and are interested in becoming a subscriber at some point in the future, let us know you’re out there!

How Do I Give a Gift?

If you’re interested in gifting a subscription to one or more of your groomsmen, head over to the “Gifts” section of our website. Once there, you can select a subscription plan of three, six, or 12 months. Whisky Loot gives you the freedom to customize your gift for the recipient, giving them choice of a surprise or a digital gift card. If you choose the surprise route, your groomsmen will receive a personalized message from you along with his first box.

Make the Joy of Your Wedding Last All Year Long

A gift subscription to Whisky Loot can help you maintain the goodwill you built up with your groomsmen all throughout the coming year. Even though groomsmen are your closest friends and family members, it can be hard to keep in touch when life obligations and geographical distance get in the way. A Whisky Loot subscription is a great excuse to stay in touch and embark on whisky adventures together. Fine beverages of all kinds have a tendency to bring us together and bring out the best in us!

For more on Whisky Loot subscription options and other ways to experience the best whisky in Australia and beyond, visit us at Whiskyloot.com!

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