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A Whisky Lovers Review of Palmer & Co Bar in Sydney

A Whisky Lovers Review of Palmer & Co Bar in Sydney

18 Mar , 2019

First Impression

From the first glance of the Palmer & Co, you can’t help but notice the recreation of the 1920s Prohibition-era atmosphere the bar gives. The look of the surroundings will provide you with this cosy and safe feeling, like “you’re free to be yourself and do whatsoever you want to do, even if it’s out of bounds.”

What’d sweep you off your feet the most is its 46-page menu that contains about 80 different whiskies, apart from other foods and drinks—which will get you so captivated—that you may find it hard to make a concrete choice.

But, not to worry, even though the 80 different whiskeys may put you in a dizzying state, the bartenders are more than happy to help you decide.

According to the Manager of the bar, these three whiskeys are the best starters for any first-timer. Thus, we're going to be shining more light on them.

Chivas Regal, Dalwhinnie or Jameson Irish Whisky: Which one rocks the most?

If you like it softer and you may have a taste aligned to blended scotch whiskeys. The Chivas Regal 12-year-old uses the Strathisla single malt is at the core of this blend. Thus, it’s smooth and it has no bitterness, rough edges or bites. If you bring a friend who is having whiskey for the first time, the Chivas Regal 12-year-old is a safe recommendation.

As for the Dalwhinnie 15-year-old, which is designed for a more sophisticated palette. It isn’t aggressive, but it has some level of complexity—with a ton of flavours dancing in your mouth. Therefore, I’ll recommend this whiskey for people who can stand the taste of thought-provoking Highland single malts.

The Jameson 12-year-old Irish Whisky, on the other hand, is a blend of both worlds: It’d please the veterans and impress first-time whiskey drinkers. It’s not the greatest whiskey, but it’s one blend that could be served in a party intended to win a few new friends.

Without being bias, it’s safe to say that your perfect choice is largely subjective—it all boils down to what best suits you.

Chivas Regal 12-year-old: Best Choice for a Novice Whisky drinker

From the first sip, you can tell the scotch is a well refined blended whiskey that comprises of honey, spices, herbs, and fruit leaping forth unto your palate—which we would get to later.

If you want to get a little adventurous with your taste buds, you can order for the mixture of Chivas Regal 12-year-old with magic citrus, sparkling coconut water, and pineapple – it’s called “Smoked on the Water."

Tasting Notes

Nose: You first get this citrus smell, like you’re in an orange orchard, the moment you bring it close to your nose. The nose shows fresh apples and damp leaves are aromas that can’t escape your nose. Overall, it gives you a fruity feel which mildly tickles your nose.

Taste: The fruity aroma from the nose connects to your palate as soon as you take your first sip. Next, your taste buds get overshadowed with its smoothness clouded with different flavours like hazelnut, creamy vanilla, and sweet honey. At this time, your whole mouth gets punched with its apple sauce, heather, and ocean spray of sea salt taste.

Finish: One striking feature of the Chivas is the long aftermath taste it gives. You get a sea salt and smoky heather feeling lingering dry across your palate in an expansible manner, but in the mildest way ever.

Dalwhinnie 15-year-old: Ideal Choice for Strong Whisky Drinkers

If you want to get the best experience of this whiskey, you can match it with chilled cubes or distilled water. Also, you can order for Palmer’s bread and butter pudding or crème Brulee to pair beautifully with the smoky flavours of the Dalwhinnie 15-year-old.

Tasting Notes

Nose: You may notice a strong or whiff alcohol aroma when you first bring it close to your nose—which might make you toss the glass away. But, if you catch your breath and make a second attempt, you should note something entirely different.

You’d get some malty notes, sweet grain, and dandelion. Not so impressive, but not bad either.

Taste: As you take your first sip, the taste of grapefruit, stale oak, sweet grains, and a day old Alpenweiss wine hits your tongue without overshadowing the subtle caramelized onions taste that sticks to your tongue.

Finish: I’m not surprised by its remarkable long, extremely grainy lemon-lime, overripe citrus and acrid cigarette smoke after taste.

Jameson 12-year-old Irish Whisky

The Jameson 12yo Irish Whisky served at Palmer delivers a lovely Belgian chocolate warm campfire and mouthfeel afterglow that reassures you that you’re with friends—especially when it’s mixed with Carpano Antica Formula, Peach Bitters, and Hennessy VS Cognac.

Tasting Notes

Nose: A sweet and rosy fragrance of subtle oak, malted barley and butter tones, hits your nose as you try to take your first sip.

Taste: The nose connects with the palate almost instantly, with the grain becoming more apparent and notes of spicy nuts giving your taste buds a smooth feel

Finish: It finishes with spicy and honey, cloudy barks of barley that slog through the long fade.

The Final Verdict

It’s normal to take a lot of caution, especially, when it involves trying something new for the first time. That’s why I decided to talk about these three whiskeys. But, if you’re like me that loves to throw caution to the wind, you can continue up the chain with a WhiskyLoot experience, or jump right into the 80+ Whiskies Palmer and Co have to offer.



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