Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon is America's Spirit, distilled, bottled and served up for your enjoyment! 

Bourbon is closely associated with Kentucky, which is considered the spirit's heartland, it was here where Irish and Scottish migrants first settled. Working as farmers, they brought their knowledge of distilling with them, applying it to the local abundant crop: corn. 

Indeed, these days, Bourbon is legally required to contain a minimum of 51% corn in its recipe. It usually also has a little spicy rye grain (which enjoys its own whiskey style) in the mix and must be matured in new American oak casks. It's these stipulations that create Bourbon's unique, sweet and oaky profile (read more about Bourbon's rules here).

Bourbon has grown from being a cottage industry to a worldwide phenomenon, enjoying vast popularity across the globe. Super premium bottlings capture the imagination of collectors, and inventive bartenders have found creative uses for the spirit for centuries now. 

At Whisky Loot, we've worked hard to source the very best Bourbon whiskies for our community of drinkers, from the likes of: Wild Turkey, Koval, and Jim Beam

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