Grain Whisky

The lifeblood of an industry. Without grain whisky, there would be no blended Scotch whisky, and without blended Scotch, there would be no whisky industry as we know it. 

Over 90% of all Scotch whisky sold is blended – using portions of aged grain whisky to addition to single malt spirits to create well balanced blends. Some of the biggest names in the business are made this way, including Chivas Bros., Teacher's and Grant's.

Unlike single malt, grain whisky can be made from multiple different grains. It can also be distilled in a column still – a much more productive and efficient way of producing spirit. Single malt must be distilled in a pot still (read more about the differences between malt and grain in our blog here). 

These days, grain whisky has begun to stand on its own two feet, as a style of spirit to rival single malt. It often shines at great age, and some people believe that mature single grain whisky is the "future" of the spirit, as the costs of single malt continue to rise. 

Here at Whisky Loot, we're big fans of this sweet, approachable and delicious style of whisky. Find our favourites below. 

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