Lowlands Whisky

One of the lesser known Scotch whisky regions, the Lowlands can produce some delicious single malt, with a distinct style. 

The region stretches from the Scottish border with England, to just north of Scotland's "Central Belt" of Glasgow and Edinburgh. This area is home to about 80% of Scotland's population, but very few of the nation's malt whisky distilleries, as its topography and proximity to England meant it wasn't as welcoming an environment for illicit distillers!

The Lowland region is known for its triple distilled whiskies, which are lighter, and softer in flavour. The practice of triple distillation is said to have travelled to the Lowlands with the Irish migrants who moved to the area, as triple distillation is the norm in Irish whiskey.

Auchentoshan is one distillery that produces a triple distilled single malt, which is so light and gentle as to be nicknamed "The Breakfast Whisky". Glenkinchie is another excellent Lowland distillery, found just outside Edinburgh, whilst another Lowlander, the recently revived Bladnoch, is the first distillery to be owned by an Aussie!  

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