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The perfect whisky gift for that special person

We all have that friend who has been gifted more whisky stones and glasses than they can count. Give them something they'll actually want – premium whisky tasters, delivered every month.

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  • What comes in each box?

    Your lucky recipient will receive 3 of our 60mL treasured tasters each month. Our expert-curated selection of whiskies change each month. We call this a whisky adventure.

  • When will the recipient receive their first box?

    When they claim their gift, they will be provided the date of their first shipment. Each box is shipped on the 21st of the month (give or take a few days if you live in a hard to reach place).

  • Do I need the recipient's address or email?

    Nope! We'll email you the certificate to give the recipient however you choose. They will then complete their subscription configuration and provide us with their shipping details.

  • Can the recipient skip a month if need be?

    Subscribers can easily pause and restart their subscription. The three, six, or twelve months need not be consecutive.

    However, if the recipient cancels their subscription, any remaining months of their gift cannot be refunded or exchanged.

  • Can I gift myself?

    Of course – treat yourself and enjoy the savings of a prepaid Whisky Loot subscription.