Predictably awesome


Whisky Loot: An ever-changing whisky adventure. Taste new and hard-to-find whiskies. No repeats, ever.

The Cereal Contenders

This box explores the ingredients that go into creating the Mash that is then distilled & matured.

When Whisky met Wine

Wine casks, the depth & character they instil on Whisky is a beautiful thing. This month, we explore 3 different Wine cask Whisky's including a 17 Year old from Bladnoch

Secret Spring

This month we're giving you a taste of the most hard-to-find whiskies we've ever had. Including independent bottlings and single casks.

Age Statement Box

In February we featured over 50 years worth of Whisky, including 15, 18 & 21-year-old drams. It’s safe to say this was our oldest box yet!

The Adventurer Box

We broke tradition with a multidimensional whisky experience. Featuring whisky from Japan, Australia & the Isle of Jura in Scotland.

The Classic Summer Box

We've curated Whiskies from New Zealand, England and Speyside region of Scotland to showcase the delicate, sweet and classic flavours.

The Traditional Box

Scotland...where it all began. Featuring two whiskies from Diageo’s classic malt range, showcasing traditional and experimental drams. No kilt required!

The American Box

Each whiskey in here has scored a litany of awards. Small batch production, single barrel cask strengths and even a game changing American Scotch style single malt.

The Bourbon Cask Box

Travel from Vancouver through to the Northern most mainland distillery in Scotland, and back to Chicago, USA to see how single malt whisky matured in ex-bourbon casks tastes.

The Firebreather Box

The box features three diverse styles of smoke. Don’t be dissuaded if you aren’t a smoke lover; this box introduced even the most fire fearing to the world of peat.