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Fantastic Whisky and fantastic service! Will 100% use again!

Great Japanese Whisky's!

Really happy with this months offerings, all great drams, especially the Ichiros malt!

Great Chrissy present!

I got my subscription as a Christmas gift and I'm loving it. The Japanese Whisky in this most recent box were fantastic.

Japanese whiskey

I can honestly say the three Japanese whiskeys that came last month are not something I would normally spend the money to taste but these weren’t to bad. Not sure I would buy a bottle but was definitely different in a good way

Gimme the Loot!

Awesome boxes of goodness delivered every month! Best gift I have ever given my Husband!

The scotch is good but my second lot of scotch is also from Japan why don’t you give scotch from around the world I’ve got the lot from Japan I’d like my third one from somewhere else Scotland or America or Australia

I really enjoyed the whisky

This is a birthday present, so Adam hasn't received it yet.

Some great whiskies there

Best of Whisky Loot Box

Hi Joel, I've enjoyed two of the whisks that I received. The Nikka Coffey Grain been my favourite with sweeter and more defined flavours.the second been Akashi White Oak Blue which I found hard to distinguish the flavours, may need to try some more. I'm very happy with the packaging and information of the kit. As I'm a new comer to whisky tasting I found the journal very usefull and look forward to trying some more.

Michel Couvreur Overaged Single Malt

Delightfully balanced with hints of peat and sherry make this a beautiful sessionable whisky and one of my favourites.


Japanese whiskies - very smooth. Excellent all 4 of them. Light and crisp with virtually no peatiness - which I prefer

First Box

This was my first box and it was excellent. 3 great tasting whisky, each quite different. Love the tasting notes provided, they were very informative.
The journal is a great idea to record your thoughts in one place.

Very happy with the first box of the 3 month subscription! I purchased this for my boyfriend for his 30th birthday and he was absolutely stoked with the quality of the box, the variety of whiskey and information that came with it.

Hey Joel,
WhiskyLoot so far has been exceptional. I was astonished by the amount of analysis that goes into tasting and reviewing whisky and look forward to expanding my knowledge in months to come.

Two of the Japanese whiskies were excellent. I found the Akashi White Oak Blue less impressive.

A bit confused why there were three bottles of the same whisky, as opposed to three bottles of different whiskies as advertised?



Japanese collection

I shared my tasting experience with my son and daughter, and interestingly we each had a different favourite, mine being the smokey one. ( I love smokey whiskeys, so that was not surprising). I enjoyed experiencing the subtle differences in flavours.

Great gift idea 🤗👍

Great gift idea, my partner love it. It is easy to purchase and it was delivered on time over the Xmas holiday. 👍👍👍

The goods

I like the variety and the opportunity to try something new and different

My Kind of Advent Calendar

Although certainly a pricey purchase, it is one that is punching well above the cost when it comes to exploring the world of whisky.

The presentation is outstanding and the range is diverse enough to keep you guessing. However, I will mention that the book that outlines all the whisky you receive is prone to opening, resulting in potential spoilers. I think separate cards is a better approach for tasting notes in this regard.

I can only comment on the subjective experience when it comes to taste, and for me there were some truly outstanding whisky experiences. The Rye Malt of Archie Rose Distillery was truly a new experience that showed me a new flavour spectrum that I would never have anticipated. Glenfarclas 105 made me appreciate the power of cask strength whisky. Yet it was a little disappointing for me to end the calendar with Johnnie Walker Blue, especially when there were other options such as Limeburners or Ben Nevis 16 that would have made a spectacular finale.

The 30 ml bottles do also come across as dainty at first, compared with the usual 60 ml bottles that whisky tribe is more commonly known for. However, 30 ml is still certainly enough for a dram when dealing with whisky above 100 proof. There is also to be considered the deals that become available at the end of each week, which you have to get in quick for as they are too good to stay, especially if you taste a whisky that you form a true admiration for.

This was an outstanding experience, one that I would recommend both for yourself or a generous gift.

Incredible Service

Service and communication was incredible. Packaging very impressive. I gave the Loot as a gift so I cannot comment on the actual product, but I know the recipient was very impressed with the concept and packaging. He did make one comment, that there were no tasting notes for the whisky’s included in his pack.


We sent 3 Whisky Loot subscriptions as thank you gifts to builders last year and every single one of them thought it was by far the best gift they received! So much better than a hamper.. thanks Whiskey Loot!