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A surprising favorite

Not having much experience of Irish whisky's I wasn't sure what to expect but this one is now my favorite whisky so far. I liked the initial sweetness that followed through with a strong peat. I intend to get into some trouble with this one at a later date myself. Enjoy!

Best of Whisky Loot Box

I was shown this by a friend of mine and I instantly fell in love. I have now signed up for the weekly subscription and also for the advent calendar. The bottles are the perfect size for a good taster.

I am so glad I have a chance to try all these amazing whiskies 😍

Best of Whisky Loot Box

Delicate on the tongue with tastes of syrup and vanilla.

My first loot box

I have tasted all three whiskeys and I loved all three bring on next month's box of goodies.

Distinguished, personal experience

The are plenty of whiskey clubs out there but none offer such a well presented, pleasant experience.
Not only is the whisky selection great but I even look forward to opening the quality packaging.
Everything about my experience has exceeded all expectations. You guys kill it.

Hi Joel, I got my sample the day I flew out of Aus. I'll be home to try them and give you a proper review. Cheers Maddy

Best of Whisky Loot Box

Great Single Malt

Really enjoying each whisky tasted

Great!!! Send more!!!

All three were a wonderful experience I’ve previously only tasted a few Japanese whiskys and 3 or 4 scotch’s. They were all really smooth and fruity the 12yr old glenfarclas was the favourite with its cinnamon notes and sherry finish. However, the other two weren’t far behind in terms of enjoyability

Not to impressed like my Scottish whisky but it's ok when's my next delivery

Way to go

I joined so that I may try a number of very good whiskies without having to buy a full bottle straight out, and I’m very pleased. The shipping time was great, packaging was above average and the whiskies were fantastic. Many thanks, looking forward to the next batch.

Initial purchase

Have not tasted yet but will this weekend with my son

Loved the first delivery!

Beautiful springtime tasting.

Loved it- the scottish one was amazing!!

I enjoyed all three they were all smooth thank you very much


it has a great taste very smooth

Awesome whisky

Best of Whisky Loot Box

Outstanding selections

As this was a gift for a friend who adores Whiskey, it was great to hear from him saying that the selection was outstanding and he is looking forward to next months box !

A great novelty

Really enjoyed, especially liked reading about them and having a crack at writing my own review. Whiskeys were all great. Only problem is the bottles are too small. Makes it an expensive 3 glasses of whiskey!

The perfect gift

What a brilliant present this was for my husband. The packaging is premium and slick, the information on the products simple but comprehensive, and the whiskys themselves interesting and highly enjoyable. What a great gift idea for someone who has it all, or just as a treat for yourself.

A mixed bag

A very mixed range.
The Glenlivet was a nice 'easy' drink. Not too heavy and an enjoyable and undemanding drink.
The Wild Turkey was heavily perfumed and frankly quite unpleasant for our taste.
The Bladnoch was excellent and exactly to my taste style. Great balance and warmth and lots of body. Good drinking
A great way to try new Whisky!!