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Quality whiskey, Small size

The whiskey i received was great, scotch is my preference. Although for some reason i though the bottles would be bigger, around 150-200ml. The photos on the website made it look bigger then the 60ml pour we get.

First time & im hooked!

Just finished my first delivery. Completely satisfied. Great service.
Looking forward to the next sample

Great product and idea

Having sample whiskeys sent to the door is an amazing idea. Such a great way to learn about the whiskeys.


Thought I knew whisky, but this box proved me wrong! Best I’ve ever had and outstanding in all respects.

Absolutely excited with this

Love it. So exciting


They have been brilliant and great vintage

dark chocolate overtones

I really enjoyed the dark chocolate overtones I picked up from this sample, and hadn’t really noticed that as strongly in other drops.

Love writing the tasting notes!

Great whisky, flexible options, and my husband loves receiving the box and takes his time sitting down doing tastings and writing in the book very seriously. This has unexpectedly become a time where we end up really talking about things, which I really appreciate and would order just for that! Thank you

It has been my highlight

I have been receiving Whisky Loot for 4 months now, the Glenmorangie has definitely been my highlight. It’s a perfect blend of smokey and smooth and goes down a treat. I would buy this bottle any day of the week

It's fabulous and affordable

It's a fabulous and affordable single malt whisky. It's layered and complex enough for the whisky enthusiasts whilst being sweet with an unchallenging palate that wont put off the whisky curious or new to whisky generally.

crowd pleaser

Sherry casks make this sweet and rich in gentle flavours. Lacking smoke and some spice makes this smooth and easier to taste on the palate, an all crowd pleaser. The red rich colour also makes it visually relate to the Sherry Cask, even though this is a common process for a lot of Whisky, single malt or not.

raspberry red floral and sticky

Cinnamon, raspberry red floral and sticky, sweet and caramelly, smooth and even in all flavours

spicy fruit cake

Sweet, toffee and raisins make a smooth dram giving way to a slightly spicy fruit cake finish.

For the angels

a sweet for the working bee angels

Christmas spice

Christmas spice, red fruits with a medium/long finish. Well balanced and gorgeous colour.

Delivery issue

Disappointed in the courier company, previously the parcel would be dropped at the post office, now this pop shop concept is used and the courier company did not tell where it went and their web site was not up todate, had to call them and was on hold for some time and had to go to the next suburb to get the parcel

Another great box.

Really enjoyable whisky

Absolutely loved it

Great box

Absolutely loved the Glenmorangie Lasanta, I think it's my new fav! Warm and luscious in the mouth, chocolate and caramel toffee with the sherry and the orange segments. I just loved it.

Fire breather box

Excellent range of whisky, great customer service.

Whiskyloot is great

I like that whiskyloot gives us the ability to try new whiskys, our postman who delivered it was terrible, but not whiskyloot’s fault. We liked two of the three but not enough to buy either. The third, we hated and threw out! Something we have never done! Love the idea though and we are firm believers of trying whisky before we buy a full bottle. Reasonably priced

Not bad.

The Glenlivet was fantastic and glenfiddich was rich and sweet. However, Royal salute was a little disappointing. Lacking character. Just smooth and nothing really outstanding.

Nice and different

Nice and interesting to taste 3 whisky from the same region with a different ageing profile

Three fantastic samples.

The three samples, in this box, are superb. A good whisky is something I only recently learned to appreciate, and this first box comes complete with information on all of the different products, as well as a book for you to take your own notes.

Perfect gift for overseas friends

I purchased two of these packs recently as last minute gifts for friends in the US. Both were super excited to receive a unique gift and commented on the attention to detail of the box design and contents. Looking forward to hearing their opinions on the Aussie Whisky selection. Thank you Joel for making an effort to get these to me at short notice. Looking forward to buying more tasting packs as gifts for birthdays and other special occasions. Something different for friends that have it all!