Throw a virtual whisky
tasting party!

A box for you and a box for them, delivered with instructions on running your own virtual tasting.

Each box is $69 (Save $20) and includes FREE delivery.

How Does a Virtual Tasting Work?

It’s simple!

Check out with 2 or more boxes, and you’ll be asked for your friends’ delivery address, plus your own.

You’ll all receive the same Whisky tasting pack, especially curated with 3 premium whiskies.

Next, set up a video call on your favourite software (we recommend FaceTime, Skype or Zoom) to experience the whiskies and talk through the tastes!

It's The Perfect Gift For Whisky Lovers!

3 premium whiskies in every box

free delivery Australia-wide

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Frequently asked questions…


How does this work?

Organizing your own virtual whisky tasting can be a fun way to share the tasting experience with others. We will send each recipient a whisky tasting box, along with instructions on how to host a virtual tasting, the rest is up to you!

When will the box be delivered?

Each box will be dispatched via Australia Post, and you will receive a tracking link for all the parcels. Each box from the same order will be dispatched on the same day, so depending on where the recipients live will determine how long it will take for the packages to arrive.

How do I host a virtual tasting?

That's totally up to you! We think whisky virtual whisky tastings should be done via a stand-alone camera or laptop, as the phone may make it difficult to drink at the same time. We suggest Zoom or Skype as the easiest and most well known apps.

What do I do on my virtual tasting?

Each box will include instructions on how to host a virtual whisky tasting. Reading through the tasting notes will help you pick up on the flavours, and preparing your tasting space with clean glasses, some water & potentially some ice (if that's what you prefer) will make the experience so much more enjoyable.

What delivery address should I give?

For each recipient (including yourself) add your delivery address in the name & message section of this page. Once you get to the checkout you will be asked for your delivery address again.

Can I make this a surprise?

If you'd like to make the delivery a surprise, do not leave the email address of the recipient, just leave your email for each recipient. This means, you will receive the Australia Post tracking information.

Can I leave a message?

On the 'delivery details' step of the check out, you will be asked to leave a message for each recipient. This will be printed on the virtual whisky tasting instructions document.