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Benriach Pedro Ximenez Sherry Wood Finish 17 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

Extremely limited this year is the slightly older sibling of the very popular 15 year old PX finish. Initially matured in American oak bourbon barrels before spending time in casks previously used to mature Pedro Ximenez (sweet) sherry. Intended to be a quintessential expression of fruit cake sweetness and malt.

This whisk(e)y reminds us of

fruitcake chocolate coffee raisin dark sweet caramel

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700 ML    |    46% ABV    | (9 reviews)


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Initially matured in refill American oak barrels, this 17 year old from BenRiach spent a finishing period in Pedro Ximénez Sherry butts from Jerez de la Frontera.

BenRiach is a revived distillery! Ask anyone 10yrs ago and it would have been muttered as maybe an Indy Bottling. Thanks to the likes of Billy Walker and his brief ownership of the distiller, the malt has become a powerhouse Scotch. With peated and unpeated varieties winning awards in every single age statement. What a dram fine story!


Speyside, Scotland




Single Malt


17 Year Old


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5 Coffee Cake Never had a whisky that tastes so much of coffee cake. A lovely smooth and warming whisky, perfect for cold nights and a fire. The sherried caramels are sweet but don't diminish the final bite. A rival to my old favourite 18yr Aberlour.
5 t h i c c N: Phat sherry notes, raisins, cake and nuts T: coffee pudding and that dark honey note is on pointF: nutty malty and sweet (in a good way)Just simply good whisky
5 Improved! This dram is leaps and bounds over the 15 yr old version. Can't complain that I've finally tried them in a side by side. Wife wasnt impressed to see me pouring double the drams, but well worth the cold shoulder. Nutty, oak and such a dark sherry note. It's a perfect warm up to my cask strength solist
5 Sucker Already bought the 25 yr old based on how good this was. Damn I'm a sucker. Great sample though!
5 Favourite from the box Glad a tried this last. Was so worth the build it. Coming out of the sharpness of the Glenglass this was heaven. Like a warm hug, sherry, caramel, butter and toasted nuts. Love this dram
5 Great but a little simple Really love this flavour. First sip, heaven, second sip, heaven. Third, more of the same? Yeah it's a one trick pony, but credit to it. it nails the trick.
5 My First and my Favourite I am new to the world of whiskies, and received my first whiskey loot delivery just before Easter. I am trying to get a taste for whiskey and though this was the best way. I love the packaging, the free chocolates this month (excellent!), the thoughtful tasting notes and journal.I tried this one first. Oh my, I enjoyed it. I'm very new to this, so please excuse my ignorance.It smelt of oak, with a hint of smoke. This swells into toffee/honey, with spice.The taste is strong - still sweet but with strong oak, coffee and a touch of smoke. Burns a little. Not overly complex, oak seems to dominate.Easier drinking with water, but more acidic and less enjoyable.Drinkng Glass: Norlan
5 Winner Winner Sherry Dinner This was the strongest one in the box this month. Very smooth initially but then it comes with a heavy sherry punch. I love PX and while it's a sweet seasoning it comes across as heavy spice/sherry. This one has character and perhaps it's not the easiest to approach for a newbie, it's like a classy lady - you have to approach it with respect and let it grow on you.
5 Not a bad single malt Goes well with and without water. Again a good sherry casking makes for a fruity wet whiskey.Paired with dark chocolate makes for a crackin after dinner.