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Isle of Jura Distillery

Isle of Jura Diurach's Own 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

Aged 14 yrs in bourbon before a 2 year finishing period in Oloroso sherry cask. The whisky itself has returned to its past excellence - recently winning multiple awards after a dry spell. We think they've improved enormously in the last two years too.

This whisk(e)y reminds us of

chocolate salt spice honey gingerbread marmalade

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700 ML    |    40% ABV    | (4 reviews)


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Throwing distance from Islay (and you can taste it), Jura provides some of Scotland's most unique spirits, benefiting from the coastal environment. While less committed to the heavy peat common with Islay, it's clearly an influence in this whisky. With earthy, smoke blending with sherry perfectly.

The 30-mile-long and seven-mile-wide island is framed by the wild waters of the Atlantic on its west coast, while the east is home to serene bays, seals and sea eagles. Journey to the north west of Jura and you’ll be meet the rugged coastline of the island home, where there is nowhere wilder than The Corryvreckan, a giant whirlpool as beautiful as it is dangerous.


Islands, Scotland




Single Malt


16 Years Old


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5 A personal favourite. A personal favourite. Would always recommend. Very smooth, good for introducing to new whiskey drinkers.
5 This is one of the nicest whiskies I've tried so far... This is one of the nicest whiskies I've tried so far... I've usually gone for 10-12 year malts so was interested to see if I could taste any difference between those and a 16 year one. I think the answer is a definite yes... those extra years add both character and smoothness so if you are aiming to try something a little older and up the range... I really did enjoy this one.
5 Awesome! I'm a fan of this whiskey and bought it because of a good price offer
5 I enjoyed every last drop. I have tried way to many scotches, per my wife, but what I can say about this scotch is that its a great smooth scotch which is difficult to not enjoy.