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Great Southern Distilling Company

Limeburners Port Cask Single Malt Australian Whisky (700ml)

This Limeburners expression spent most of it's 5 year life in a bourbon cask, before spending a finish period in smaller port casks. The Australian Port casks are responsible for the fruity lemon zest and rose wine colour.

This whisk(e)y reminds us of

Berries Vanilla Malt Floral Oak Port

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700 ML    |    43% ABV    | (no reviews yet)


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Limeburners proudly boast the title of being the first Western Australian distillery to legally make single malt whisky. Cameron Syme created Limeburners in 2004, and in 2008 the first single malt whisky was released.

The Limeburners Port Cask is an exceptional blend of whisky. Developed in small batches and hand distilled using authentic Western Australian barley.

Limeburners whisky is a brand of Great Southern Distilling Company, based in Albany, Western Australia. Limeburners uses traditional methods and small batch pot-still distilling to produce their premium spirits. The combination of highly talented and creative individuals at the helm of the distillation, and the supreme quality of the local produce allows this small company to craft the finest product.


Albany, Western Australia


World Whisky


Single Malt



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