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Dunedin Distillery

The Oamaruvian 18 Year Old New Zealand Single Grain Whisky

A rich syrupy single grain which in the style of its Scottish fore fathers. Though this whisky has taken the strong canvas of old single grain and applied years 12 years of Kiwi Pinot barrels to bless it with a blood red vein.

This whisk(e)y reminds us of

Rich Strawberry Dark Chocolate Syrup Red Wine NZ Whisky

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500 ML    |    57% ABV    | (5 reviews)


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The Oamaruvian story starts with Dunedin DoubleWood, which in turn began with 200 ex-Bourbon barrels of grain whisky. This was transferred into New Zealand red wine barrels made from French Oak for a second round of maturation, and look at the colour - the wine is clear. The best casks were kept for bottling as The Oamaruvian.

The story starts at the Willowbank (Dunedin) Distillery where the distillers were producing some (unremarkable) malt and grain spirits. After blending together barrels of malt and grain into American Oak, the distiller went bust. The barrels lay dormant until purchased by some of the hardcore NZ wine folks. Not long after it went into wine barrels, all to craft this magnificent dram!


Dunedin, New Zealand


World Whisky


Single Grain


18 Year Old


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5 Bliss I knew when I got my crate this would be my favourite and it didn’t disappoint. Intense deep flavour with a subtle aroma but smooth considering it’s alcohol content. Highly recommended
5 Absolutely amazing I think I've found my new favourite
5 Lovely Whiskey Lovely Whiskey. A bit over the top at 122 proof but even neat it is a treat. You want to sniff this one a good long while. There is a strong sweetness tasted on the fingertip after wiping the bottle rim after pour. Floral and fruit are strong and the heat and mist are in character for such a strong proof. Experimenting with small ice chips brought the heat more under control and allowed a smoother sip. In my experience only a little will suffice to keep this wonderful whiskey largely in character. Shame about the price here in the States. At least they ship here unlike Tazmanian Nant which offers some of the best, most complex, yet smooth drinking whiskeys I have ever tasted.
5 An extreme wine cask It's a love it or hate it one. I love it, but it's not a daily dram. I agree with Thijs100 words, think Kavalan Solist Sherry, but without the wood and sophistication.
5 red wine matured Think of a red wine matured equivalent of a Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask, but more extreme.