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  • Whisky Themed Gifts for Father’s Day 2019

    13 Aug , 2019
    There aren’t too many gifts better than a fine bottle of whisky, but if you’re looking for something a little different for your whisky-loving Dad, have a look at some of the suggestions on this list!


  • 9 Distilleries Where You Can Buy An Entire Cask Of Whisky

    15 Jul , 2019

    A cask of whisky will contain anywhere from twenty to several hundred litres of grain alcohol (sometimes up to 600!). That’s a lot of afternoon whisky drinks. Selling entire casks of whisky is a great way for distilleries to earn some capital, especially when they’re just getting started. If you choose to go in for a whole cask, you’re going to be looking at several hundred bottles of whisky, all...


  • Announcing Corowa Whisky

    12 Jul , 2019

    We're so excited to be able to bring our subscribers a taste of an Aussie distillery listed as one of the top 10 up and coming whisky distillery’s in the world in 2017 🥇 Corowa Distilling co was also named a ‘whisky brand’ of the future by ‘the spirit business’, and they are serious about their Aussie Whisky. July’s 'The Whisky RyePort' features the Corowa Bosque Verde 46%   The Corowa Distilling...


  • What is Angels' Share in Whisky?

    20 Jun , 2019

    So when you pay through the roof for 20-year-old whisky, understand that you’re also paying for all the ounces that didn’t make it into the bottle and were instead “claimed by the angels.”


  • Is there a 'sweet spot' in single malt whisky?

    17 Jun , 2019

    Many dark, smoky flavours lay well outside the realms where the more popular whiskies congregate. It can be easy to stagnate with your whisky tasting adventures if you only stick to what’s the most popular. By adding a little variety into your whisky library, you’ll not only come to appreciate those “sweet spot” flavours more, but you just might find a few outliers that cater to your unique palette.