About Whisky Loot - Whisky Loot Australia

The Story Behind Whisky Loot


Whisky Loot came about after founder Joel Hauer inadvertently went on a journey of self-discovery in downtown New York.

Seeking refuge from a cold blizzard, Joel found himself entering a dimly lit speakeasy in the Lower East Side. Craving a drink to warm himself up, he asked the barman for a recommendation. The barman proceeded to ask Joel a series of questions before serving up a Smoky Old Fashioned cocktail. Joel was mesmerised.

On his return to Sydney, Australia, Joel was somewhat disappointed to find that few bartenders in his home city could offer that same piercing insight. Instead, he found himself buying rounds with friends who knew their stuff but were all looking for something a little bit different in their Whisky.

Inspired by his encounter in the New York speakeasy, Joel wrote down a series of questions which he believed could lead people to the perfect Whisky recommendation.

Fast-forward several years...

Those questions are still at the heart of the Whisky tasting quiz we use today to guide our subscribers from Whisky novice to Whisky connoisseur and help them find the best Whiskies for them along the way.

The Design

Whisky has always been about more than just consuming a drink. At Whisky Loot, we know that every aspect of your purchase plays a part in the experience of enjoying Whisky and we are passionate about breaking down the barriers and bringing whisky into the twenty-first century.

Our bespoke presentation boxes and custom-designed glassware have been created to guide you from one taste to the next in your own time and at your own pace.

Our team of Whisky sommeliers have created tasting notes to accompany each box we deliver, helping you to understand and appreciate the aroma, taste & unique finish each whisky has to offer.

Our Goal

We aim to gently guide you on a tasting journey through the beautiful and varied world of whisky in the comfort of your own home every month.

Our ambition is to make you as passionate about whisky as we are. It’s a big ask. But we are confident that Whisky Loot can help you to love Whisky every bit as much as us.

And you don’t have to visit an NYC speakeasy to catch the Whisky bug!

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